Garage Door Springs

Extension springs hide enormous force, which is equal to the power of tens of different strong men, and they actually play a very significant role to the daily safe operation of the door. They definitely require great attention and also frequent maintenance services by our highly experienced, methodical technical crews. Our experience, knowhow and proper equipment are the three most important factors, which can keep all springs in perfect condition and the teams of Garage Door Springs Newmarket can really respond fast to your calls and have the expertise to cover your needs for emergencies and same day repairs.

We are fast when you need broken spring repair but we are equally quick forGarage Door Springs spring adjustment and maintenance. We would strongly advise you to refrain from fixing spring problems on your own and remind you that many garage doors related accidents were caused by springs. Besides, we are the fastest technical groups in Ontario and have expanded knowledge of the needs of all kinds of springs. We know deeply the value of emergency services and the importance of speed in such occasions and, thus, you can be sure that broken spring replacement will be completed very fast.

Some Newmarket homeowners are under the impression that they cannot avoid torsion spring problems but, in fact, this is basically a myth since regular maintenance would do miracles. We usually follow specific steps when we maintain your springs starting by good inspection and proceeding with their lubrication, adjustment and, possibly, repairs. Since all springs have limited life cycles, we will certainly inform you about the right time to replace the torsion spring, so that you can avoid bad surprises. Safety is of the utmost importance when you drive under your garage door every day and the services of Garage Door Springs Newmarket can guarantee that you will always have peace of mind.

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