Garage Door Cables

It’s useless to try opening the overhead door if the garage door cables came off the drum. The opener and springs will suffer and you’ll end up dealing with a sagging door that won’t be entirely open either. Most likely, only one of the cables is off and this is the reason for the door sagging and jamming to one side. Let all cable issues to our team at Garage Door Repair Newmarket, ON. We fix them whether they are tangled, frayed, broken or off their initial position.

Emergency cable off the drum repair Garage Door Cables Newmarket

Each cable problem has its solution. You shouldn’t worry about problems related to your Newmarket garage door cables since our local team takes care of them in timely fashion. Whether you need repair or replacement services, we are at your disposal and try to help our Newmarket customers at a time suiting their own timeframe. When it comes to urgent situations, we often offer same day repair.

Thorough cable repair services

We have plenty of experience with home garage systems and cables. We do know that garage door cables keep coming off if they are not fixed properly the first time. Rest assured that our technicians are extremely meticulous and do not do sloppy work. We check the problem and try to understand if it’s the cable’s fault or there is also an additional problem with any other part causing damage. We do fix everything.

Choose us to fix garage door cables

Our garage door cables Newmarket experts offer timely service no matter what the problem is. Without cables, the door is practically out of service. You can depend on our service.

* We fix any home cable issue and offer timely service

* Our technicians arrive equipped for proper garage door cables replacement

* Cables off tracks, drums or pulleys are put back as soon as we can

* Broken cables are immediately replaced

* We are installing garage door cables at your own good time

Our cable specialists are excellent in their work, offer fast garage door broken cable replacement, make the necessary repairs, adjustments and inspections, and take care of cables installed in any residential door. Contact our company in Newmarket, Ontario, for cable repairs today!

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